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Office of Pastoral Care



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The Pastoral Care Office was established to enable us to realistically respond to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our parishioners.  The office is located in the refurbished basement of the Rectory.  The Director is available through the Rectory telephone number Monday through Friday during the day.  Evening appointments are easily arranged when needed.  All are welcome to call or visit, particularly those in need or suffering.  The Pastoral Care Ministry is meant to bring the healing strength of Jesus Christ to the real problems we face each day.  Through our Christian love and concern for one another, we truly become “the people of God,” caring and sharing for one another.

Director of Pastoral Care:     Mr. John Reinhardt        (718) 998-2800


Current Programs:

Bereavement Program – through periodic mailings of specific cards, we hope to demonstrate the parish’s desire to reach out with our support and care for grieving families after the death of a loved one.

Counseling and Referral Service – strictly confidential, and provided by an office visit or over the telephone.  Through active listening and prayerful reflective sharing, we are able to support and explore options and possible resources to meet the individual situation.  We also provide information regarding available benefits and resources in the community.

Elizabeth Ministry – a woman-to-woman outreach program whose purpose is to affirm, support, encourage, and assist in response to the needs of women during the childbearing years.  This unique ministry empowers women to share their stories, experiences, and faith in an open, trusting and life-giving manner.  Ministers are also available to reach out to women who experience infertility, difficult pregnancies, miscarriage, and infant or child crisis or death.  They also offer assistance in the adoptive process.

Homebound Ministry – intermittent hospital/home visits and/or telephone contact with those parishioners who are homebound, and their families, as needed or requested.

Ministry of Love – a ministry of prayer which includes all seniors – the elderly, the shut-ins, the infirm and the disabled.  Each minister agrees to offer his/her prayers, works, joys and sufferings to God for the people of Good Shepherd Parish and for the needs of the Church and the world.  This ministry enables each minister to realize his/her spiritual worth to the Church and particularly to Good Shepherd Parish.

Nursing Home Pastoral Visits – monthly visits to residents by volunteers who bring cheerful smiles, listening ears, a small gift, plus a Good Shepherd Newsletter and/or weekly bulletin to residents of several nursing homes.

Kids Reach Out with Prayer & Care is a program which includes the entire student body of Good Shepherd School.  Each class is assigned a nursing home resident – the children remember their resident in daily prayers and send homemade cards and good wishes at holidays. 

Volunteer Program – whereby parishioners provide time, talent, and free service to those with a specific need.  The amount of time and the frequency of service varies with each individual.